Professional, handcrafted fingerboards, ramps, and accessories made in Eugene, Oregon by Mallory Curtis.





 A message from Mallory Curtis (owner).

I first started making my own fingerboards when I was in the sixth grade. As I learned to ollie and kickflip, I was also learning how to make my own homemade fingerboards. I started by making decks out of index cards, craft glue, and fingernail polish. I would glue my trucks on and trade them with other kids at school. My love of making fingerboards grew along with my love for the hobby itself. Making fingerboard decks was another avenue to channel my creativity.

As I got better at fingerboarding, I got more and more invested into the professional fingerboard community. My love of making decks continued and I started using more professional methods. My decks didn’t start out perfect, but I strove to improve with every board I made.

I officially opened Unique Decks in 2011 from my parent’s garage. I wanted to craft the best performing specialty fingerboards possible. Split plies, hand painted decks, and one-of-one graphics were some of the one of a kind boards I started selling. I was improving my methods and growing a customer base. Along the way I learned how to turn my passion into something that other people were also excited about. I started to offer more options for different preferences, all while staying true to the high standards of Unique.

I have that same mentality today. I put the same amount of love and passion into every board I make, only now with the highest manufacturing standards. I have found the best methods to create the highest performing fingerboard possible. Unique is my creative outlet in so many ways. I hope that I can share my passion for fingerboarding with the community by creating the best high-performance fingerboards for you to use and grow creatively. When you ride a Unique, you are supporting a genuine passion for fingerboarding.

Thank you so much for your continued support!