SITE UPDATE and Carapace Tech Cruiser Stock

SITE UPDATE and Carapace Tech Cruiser Stock

Hey everyone! UPDATE.

This is my first official blog post on the new website. Here I will post updates and give a little behind the scenes of what goes on here at Unique.

Coming up this Saturday is the first stock drop on the the newly redesigned website. Be sure to grab a Carapace Tech Cruiser this Saturday at 11am PST (2pm EST 7pm GMT)! Available in all three Unique molds and five different graphics to choose from. 

I have been working really hard to update everything including the photos, descriptions, About page, infographics, etc... The entire website is a complete redesign. I want this to be a place where you can really see what Unique is all about. Unique is a passion project for me, and I want to show that to the world and I want to showcase everything that goes into fingerboarding as a whole! The old website was more of just an online shop, and I think Unique deserves more than that. It isn't quite perfect yet, but I hope we can hit the ground running and have the transfer from the old site be as smooth as possible for both you and me. I hope you can bear with me through any hiccups there may be.

Also, the website now accepts credit cards and PayPal, making it a little easier on all of you guys! No more worrying if your PayPal account has money in it.

Take a look around and let me know what you think

Much love,



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