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Texture series.

Random bottom ply color and ply combo. If you have a specific color you want, please put it in the order comments and we will do our best to accommodate (though not guaranteed).


These handcrafted fingerboards feature

Five plies of hand dyed maple veneer

Perfectly aligned holes and countersinks

Crispy, responsive pop

Genuine skateboard heat transfer graphics, the best you can get (will wear realistically with use)!



Choose from our three molds!

Juvie mold

Perfect for any rider, beginners too. The shortened wheelbase and full nose make all of your tricks pop and flick with ease. Modern and reactive, the Juvie is the newest addition to the lineup.

(medium/high kicks, medium concave, full nose shape, shortened wheelbase, 97mm long)


Nesting mold

The original Unique mold. The medium kick height flows perfectly into smooth dips and just the right amount of concave to hug your fingers. Comfy and responsive, the Nesting is a classic.

(medium kicks, medium concave, standard wheelbase, 96.5mm long)


Hatchling mold

Our shortest deck is designed to show off your tactile skill. Short mellow kicks speed up your tricks and the shortened wheelbase increases your turning radius.  Technical and agile, the hatchling is a cult favorite.

(mellow kicks, mellow concave, shortened wheelbase, 94.5mm long)


Also included with purchase

Total Domination foam tape